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Nursing - TV & Film

Saturday, 30 May 2020

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7 Day Health Service
A great ideal
Can the Government make it work?

  1. Yes but not in the next 5 years: 53.6%
    Yes but not in the next 5 years - 
  2. Yes within the next 5 years: 9.3%
    Yes within the next 5 years - 
  3. Unsure: 5.6%
    Unsure - 
  4. Not likely: 13.2%
    Not likely - 
  5. No hope!: 18.2%
    No hope! - 

TV & Film Opportunities for Nurses?

Do you want to be a nurse advisor for TV series or Film production? Would you like to be in front of the camera telling the public what Nursing is all about?

We regularly get requests from film and TV production teams looking to involve Nurses in the prodcution of their programmes. This section will let you find out what is currently being promoted so you can see whether there is an opportunity for you to be involved in something outside your mainstream work!

Channel 4 - TigerAspect

3-Part Documentary

Affordable Homes for Nurses and other Key Workers

Channel 4 is making a 3-part series of programmes on the difficulties faced by Nurses, and other Key Workers, in finding suitable affordable housing. More Info >>>

Channel 4 - LionTV


The Reality of Day to Day Nursing

Channel 4 is making a programme about what life is like for nurses and midwives working in NHS hospitals across the country. In the programme nurses will talk about what they really feel about their jobs, and describe the reality of day to day nursing. More Info >>>

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